菏泽保安公司的物业管理方式 - 常见问题





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First, perseverance, honesty and trustworthiness to do customer service work well.
First of all, the property practitioners should be in a correct position, adjust their mentality, persevere, honest and trustworthy for the owners to do a good job of service.
The core of property management is service. The object of property management service is the majority of owners. Property company is only a derivative of the property management behavior entrusted by the owner, that is, it is a means or way taken by the owner to manage activities and exercise property management rights. The so-called "correct position" refers to the correct distinction between "management" and "service". The "management" in property management is mainly aimed at the management of "facilities and facilities" and "company personnel". For owners, more should be "service". Our relationship with the owners is based on the state regulations and regulations and the agreement between the two parties on the relationship between the service and the service, whether the correct understanding of the difference between the two will be directly related to the quality of service to the owners. If practitioners always regard themselves as "probationers" and handle the problems with the owners with the attitude and tone of "managers", it will not only help to solve the problems, but also have a negative impact on the image and reputation of the company. The so-called "adjustment mentality" mainly refers to the employees in the face-to-face exchanges with the owners, communication, on-site solution and handling of various problems in the process, when encountering some unexpected situations, such as the owners'accusation, criticism or even scolding, should be "a calm heart", "a fair position", "one" The smiling face and the "principle of a multi-angle thinking" deal with problems, thus reconciling and resolving contradictions.
Secondly, to serve the owners well, we should also demonstrate courtesy and integrity.
As a property practitioner, honesty is the most important thing in the process of communication with the owner. Anything that we have promised or promised should never be broken, nor can we forget it. Because your words and deeds represent the company, all your actions are related to the company's reputation and reputation. At the same time, as an excellent staff, should be entrusted by the owner as their own business to deal with. Under normal circumstances, the owner entrusted to us the trivial matters, we have a lot of non-violation of the agreement on the basis of the Treaty can be done, and after the event we get the natural owner's praise and gratitude, can also form a harmonious co-construction of the atmosphere of integration.
Third, we must learn to cultivate the general owners to use normal supervision angle to cooperate with the property companies.
Common property and common interests constitute the basis of the relationship between owners and owners and property companies. Owners should not only extend individual power, but also obey the common will of the whole, fulfill individual obligations and assume certain social responsibilities. Many owners do not cooperate, do not support, do not understand the work of the property company is mostly due to their obligations are not clear, not clear, therefore, in order to do a good job in property services, property companies to the owners of a wide range of publicity. In order to make the owner clear his own rights and obligations, so that the owner with a normal perspective to examine the work of the property company, which requires us employees to learn professional skills and all kinds of knowledge you need in the service process, and constantly improve their own quality, only in this way, can be targeted to do a good job. Publicity is also a good way for owners to cooperate with their studies.